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No New Posts Rules and Regulations

This is the board where you will find the most basic rules on the site, and anything else that qualifies as guidelines.

2 2 Frequently Asked Questions
by Lark
Aug 26, 2007 12:32:33 GMT -5
No New Posts Humans Information

Curious about what we are as a site? Come here to find out about the story/history behind it. Wondering where lists and all that is? Hop right in and submerge yourself in information!

Sub-boards: Animal and Character Info, House Descriptions

39 72 The Plot- 8 Years Later
by Lark
Oct 30, 2010 18:34:28 GMT -5
No New Posts The Classroom

This board has been created for any of you members who desire improvement on your RPing skills! Practice makes perfect, but sometimes others can help you speed that process along. Don't feel intimidated to post here, we're always ready to help!

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No New Posts Staff Board

A private board meant for the staff only. If you are not part of the staff you will not have access.

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No New Posts Absence Board

Leaving for a family vacation? Get in trouble and lose your computer? Tell us here so we know where you've got to!

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No New Posts Character Biographies

After you've read all the rules and have joined, come on in here and make a character or three! Make as many as you can handle, we don't mind!

Sub-boards: Character Adoptions, Accepted Humans, Accepted Animals, Deceased, Incomplete/Forgotten Characters

195 565 Human - Keary
by icey
Dec 30, 2009 16:32:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Logs

This board is where you find the logs that members have made for all their characters. Feel free to edit these however you wish.

One thread per member.

Sub-board: The Journals

26 78 Tanaraq
by Tanaraq
Dec 20, 2009 20:14:33 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Profiting

Come here to buy, sell, or trade the Humans. (Mostly used by the money hungry Captors and Owners)

Sub-board: The Auction Block

3 13 What a Deal! (open for buyers)
by nina
Nov 28, 2009 21:04:45 GMT -5


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No New Posts Reveerie Homes

The central point of the city. Homes tend to be nicer here though yards small. All the events are found in here from racing to boxing. Reveerie is home to the rich and famous. Security is high. There are many shops south of the city.

Sub-boards: Adena Manor, Xetian's Cottage, Fiana's Mansion, Retho's Rook, Jasper's Mansion , Moenia Caliginis

1 1 Appearance of Adena Manor
by Lark
Sept 30, 2007 22:22:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Sattiren Stadium

Think big. This stadium is massive, much like the Colosseum made by the Romans. The biggest and most elaborate events take place here. Bets are made. People fight and race. And...humans are bound to die.

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No New Posts Sprinting Grounds

Animals with racing humans come here for smaller events and for practice. It's several tracks with a larger one in the center. The track is paved so people may run in rain or shine. There is also an agility area where people are to run a course with different obstacles they must go through.

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No New Posts Human Shows

Animals with showing humans come here for smaller events and for practice. This is a large building where different human shows go on from the largest male to the girl with the prettiest hair. The 'high-class' and the noble animals are bound to be found traipsing the aisles here.

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No New Posts The Rinks

Animals with boxing or fighting humans come here for smaller events and for practice. Boxing has limitations. People are rarely severely injured. On the contrary, fighters may be brutually killed in the ring. In some nastier fights the humans will go against large animals rather than other people.

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No New Posts The Shops

Everyone needs to eat and for those who do not farm, it's off to the shops. The shops host many small produce building as well as buildings for recreational purchases.

Sub-boards: Shimi's Bar, Xetian's Odds and Ends, Farmer's Drop, Enchante Books, The Book Nook

2 2 What to do? [Open to either of Ally's foxies]
by Moony
Nov 30, 2009 12:44:47 GMT -5


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No New Posts Fangsten Apartments

A small part of town though bustling with animals. Here it's best to hold your purse to your chest and keep your wallet out of your back pocket. Crime rates are high. Murders not uncommon. Animals here are not just mean to their humans, but to other animals as well. Most homes are apartments.

Sub-boards: Slamet's Flat, Tabbulia's Farm

2 8 You Better Behave (Erin)
by HumanoidCarbonUnit
Jan 12, 2010 19:04:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Government

This is an area slightly cut off from Fangsten where the President and other government activities take place.

Sub-boards: President's Mansion, The Court House

1 1 Nightmares
by HumanoidCarbonUnit
Dec 28, 2009 17:46:11 GMT -5
No New Posts Piccolo Prison

Humans and animals who have disobeyed the rules and regulations of the Animal government may find themselves locked up in here.

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No New Posts Talon Saloon

The biggest hang-out in Fangsten. This dark pub hosts the big, the bad, and the ugly. Though, even the kind at heart find themselves here drinking during hard times.

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No New Posts Arees Beach

At the southern tip of Fangsten, one will find an beach that is obscured from common view by high sand dunes covered with tall, wild grasses. The sand is rough, and it is a common thing to stub your toes on rocks that lay scattered about the beach. Many docks stretch out into the ocean, forming J. Adena Pier, commemorating the leader of the famous Wipeout. A small jetty separates the borderline between Jucova and Fangsten.

Sub-board: J. Adena Port

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No New Posts Long-Shot Homes

So named after the fact the homes are lined up forever. It was said a gun could be fired from the top of one street and the bullet could never travel to the end of it. It's the infamous cookie cutter home part of the city. There is a park in the midst of it though.

Sub-boards: Rosetta's House, Enchante , Carna's Sanctuary

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No New Posts Peeker's Park

An elaborate garden that is out of place in Long-Shot. There is everything from a massive fountain near the entrance to a colossal playground fit for humans and animals alike. There are a lot of places to hide, often becoming the highlight of the news when there are runaways.

1 2 Here's another one. Stumbling into town.
by HumanoidCarbonUnit
Jan 2, 2010 23:44:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Media

Here you will find the weather, news, and of course....the breaking news. There is also a newspaper and a section for the photographer.

Sub-boards: Weather Report, News Report, Newspaper, Photographs

9 11 Past Images ; {for the fun of it...}
by wintersnow
Jun 20, 2009 15:09:12 GMT -5
No New Posts Thomas Bilias Hospital

The hospital is funded by the Bilias family. Despite the lack of technology in some places, Bilias is a fully-functional hospital equipped for emergencies and staffed with excellent doctors.

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No New Posts The Ballroom

This ballroom is rarely used to date. It was primarily used several years before, but an attack by a rogue human caused it to go temporarily out of use. Currently, it is open once more. There are not many balls, but formal gatherings of the aristocrats, weddings, and of the like are held here.

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No New Posts Doveville Homes

A rural town. There are woods to the northwest and valleys below. Farmers build their homes here where the weather is nice and the grounds full of minerals. It is peaceful here for the most part.

Sub-boards: Scotch Farmlands, Shimi's Home, Retho's Caves, House of Susumu, Blossom Farm, Bagtish’s Farm, Captain's Layer , Ruby's Tower

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No New Posts The Fields

These fields are played in by the children and the young as well as a prime place to picnic or start a crop.

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No New Posts Dance Hall

This large barn is one of the safer places to meet other characters and have a night of fun. The animals who come here are friendly and usually easy to get along with. There are dances on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only. The rest of the week it remains empty. This a very informal place.

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Wayward Woods

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No New Posts Rebellion Post

Even the escapees have a place to call home. This place is tucked so well into Wayward that the lost traveler would have a hard time walking upon it. There is a lack of any defined buildings. Most of what is built is made of scraps or stolen articles. Tents are the primary shelter to these runaway humans and the handful of animals on their side.

6 48 Good Morning, Sunshine!
by HumanoidCarbonUnit
Jan 12, 2010 18:52:32 GMT -5
No New Posts River Rancid

The organic matter is so high that in extreme heat there is a defined odor that seems to fill the air. River Rancid is only a mile from the Rebellions Post and is the main water source for these escapees.

1 3 Time Changes Things
by Lark
Dec 1, 2009 20:05:53 GMT -5
No New Posts Caverns

Spooky and dark, these caves have been rarely set foot on in the hundreds of years they've existed. Though they remain quick shelter to travelers.

1 7 Alone in the Caves
by HumanoidCarbonUnit
Dec 24, 2009 16:59:07 GMT -5
No New Posts The Woods

These are the vast woods of Wayward. They are tread upon by both the Rebellion and those lost or seeking the group of outlaws. The woods are dense in places, but sparse in others. The trees are primarily coniferous the further North you travel and more deciduous towards the South.

2 37 Walking Dead (OPEN)
by HumanoidCarbonUnit
Dec 28, 2009 9:59:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Woodland Homes

These are not so much homes as they are places to survive. They are owned by the Rebellion members and are mostly pits in the ground or little areas designated for the belongings owned by Rebellion characters. No buildings here and very little tents. Most of the Rebellion lives at the Post together.

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No New Posts Jucova Homes

Jucova is a popular hit with younger characters. The homes are either right on the beach itself or within a few miles. Many houses are built off the ground because flooding is a hazard. The town is quite lively. Characters from Jucova tend be the life of the party.

Sub-boards: The Warehouse, Estelle's Abode

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No New Posts East Beach

This shoreline is crowded in the summers and nearly deserted in the winter. It's public land so anyone is welcome. The waves are fairly calm unless a tropical storm comes through.

Sub-board: Taste the Rainbow Candy Shop

2 2 Lone Pup (Open)
by nina
Jan 10, 2010 22:24:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Dune School

Young animals are often schooled. They find education of their own kind to be highly important. This school accommodates elementary, middle, and high school leveled children.

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No New Posts Amusement Park

This amusement park, or fair, is a big hit with all ages. It was planned on being constructed in Doveville, but the construction was moved to Jucova several years ago because it would be within several miles of the school There are ferris wheels and countless games. Through most of the year it is closed. It only opens 1 week out of every other month.

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No New Posts Widow's Island

This small island is off the coast of Jucova. It is not inhabited. Ghost stories surrounding the piece of land have scared away individuals. The tale goes that a lion pair was shipwrecked onto the island. The two are subjected to starvation and madness. The female ends up shoving her mate off a cliff in a violent rage then is so hungered she eats his corpse. She is supposedly still alive...and feasts on those who step foot on the island.

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Mt. Cinder

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No New Posts Cinder Homes

Cinder homes are scattered all over the mountain side and also along the base of the great mountain range. They aren't very extravagant, and some are used as winter lodges.

Sub-boards: Alan's Rustic Home, Braxton's Mountainside Shack

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No New Posts Zenith Towncenter

Unlike the Shops of Reveerie, Zenith is a small scenic towncenter located at the base of Mt. Cinder. It is generally less busy and the products sold are usually priced a little more than usual.

Sub-board: Emerald Lodge

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No New Posts Brawl Arenas

These rinks are used for practice races and matches as humans are trained for the events hosted in Reveerie. There are fewer spectators though the matches here can be more entertaining than the professional ones. Here, the events are hosted in the open where one wrong move could send an opponent tumbling off a cliff.

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No New Posts Domain of Diggers

A very large collection of different-sized mining spots where humans are put to work, digging and sweating to discover the gems and precious metals found beneath the rocky dirt. This place is known for making individuals rich, though it's not as easy as it sounds.

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No New Posts General Board

Feel free to talk about what you wish. Light-hearted conversations are encouraged.

Moderator: Lark

Sub-boards: Mini-Plot Discussion, Random Blurbs, Artwork of the RolePlay!, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

55 302 Activity Check...November 1st 2010
by /Sad/~rain
Dec 21, 2010 20:41:16 GMT -5
No New Posts Graphics Requests

Interested in having a picture made for your character? Or perhaps you need an image for who knows what. Come here to request an image!

Sub-boards: Ally's Graphics Corner, Tye's Graphics

10 28 Could you draw Gidget?
by whispe
Nov 23, 2009 11:19:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Archives

Posts are moved here when they become highly ancient, inactive, imcomplete or if a disastrous event happens to a place.. like if a house burns down, or something.

Sub-boards: Site Stuff, Old Threads

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No New Posts Advertise & Affiliate

Post here in the correct board if you want to advertise your site or affiliate! Make sure to read the rules listed before posting.

Static Affiliations: Open
Scrolling Affiliations: Open

~Guest Friendly!~

Sub-boards: Linking Back, Accepted Affiliates, Advertisements

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